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Meal Planning Around "Friday Night Lights" and Fall Activities

I had great plans, and I still do (“I think I can! I think I can! I think I can!”) In August I bought the dry erase board for the kitchen to plan the weekly dinners. I bought the markers in all different colors, and I posted our dinner plans for a few weeks.

Summer was hectic, but the planned, after-school activities were also on Summer Break. Days were long, and dinner was easy...outside, or late. It didn’t matter. We had the time.

Well, now we welcome September. Labor Day marks the beginning of all after school activities for us (and for some, the beginning of school). Fitting in dinner on a budget at home seems more like a dream than reality. We have Violin and Piano, Cheer and Tumbling, Soccer, Spanish and Art, Church activities, Choir, Hand bells.... oh....and School. Our children have an 8pm bedtime that we work to enforce, but are beginning to see that some activities don’t allow for that (football games) and there is homework this year!

How do you do it?

The plan was (and still is, until a better plan comes forward) Yes, you – the mom in the back with the amazing meal plan) to write out the daily dinner menu on the dry erase board for two weeks and to shop for those meals ahead of time with more frequent runs for fresh fruit, etc. That has been going great for a few weeks, but the follow through is the kicker for me. When do you shop? When do you prep? I mean, honestly when do you eat?

We have chicken a few nights, fish, some beef...and I’m talking basic. We have steamed vegetables, and a side or so. But if I’m honest, last week looked like a frozen pizza and spaghetti with meatballs for us. (I’ll save the “diet” and exercise topic for another time.)

What does your schedule allow for, and what does a Full-Schedule-Dinner look like for you?

Brenda is a full-time mother of two, and has been happily married to her supportive husband for just over ten years. She is a local non-profit Founder/Director, a Support Group Facilitator, a Team Leader, a Bookkeeper, a Nursery Coordinator, an active Church Member, a Former Foster Parent and current Foster Care Advocate.

You can find more from Brenda as one of our #ConnectedMommies or find out more about her non-profit organization here: Fleecing The Flock

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