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Back To School Blues

My kids have been in school for years now, if I count Pre-K. My oldest just began 3rd Grade, and my youngest just started 1st Grade. They went to Mother’s Day out prior to Kindergarten, and I felt like they were prepared for “just another year back at school”. I thought they were prepared. I thought I was prepared.

We did “All the Things.” We went back to school shopping, each received a new, amazing backpack (each backpack prayed over by our church congregation). The school supplies were in tow. Meet-the-Teacher was a success. Summer was winding down. Trips to the pool were every night to squeeze in the last few drops of summer. Bedtime was back to a productive hour, etc. All...the...things.

Our First Day of School arrived...right on time. And, I will say it was a success. All smiles. I dare say the first week was even more than just decent with green stickers and blue tickets for the treasure box. Then.... Like a ton of bricks...reality hit. And from that moment on, the tears have been steady for my two eager-to-get back-to-school-kiddos.

Summer is over (the most amazing summer might I add, full of craft camps and sleepovers, and parties, and friends, and family time, and movies, and trips, and F-U-N.)

Why does time speed up as our children...grow up?! I was prepared to cry (after I got over the excitement of getting some Me Time back...wink,wink), watching my kids hop on the bus and not look back. I was ready to miss them and our summer. I was ready to get back into a school routine. What I was not ready for was to watch my children struggle to adjust. I know they are young, but this is a first. I wasn’t prepared for them to miss...each other. And for them to discuss how awesome the summer was and that they just miss time with...well, me. I didn’t see it coming. Why had I not thought this might be an option...that it might not go perfectly as planned?!

Three days of solid tears and pushing them on the bus, and we have turned a slight corner. With a bribe, we got through yesterday’s bus ride with minimal tears.

How do you cope with Back to School Blues? Me? I called my mom and cried. Parenting is tough.

Brenda is a full-time mother of two, and has been happily married to her supportive husband for just over ten years. She is a local non-profit Founder/Director, a Support Group Facilitator, a Team Leader, a Bookkeeper, a Nursery Coordinator, an active Church Member, a Former Foster Parent and current Foster Care Advocate.

You can find more from Brenda as one of our #ConnectedMommies or find out more about her non-profit organization here: Fleecing The Flock

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