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100 Fun Things To Do This Summer (That won't break the bank!)

Life is all about making memories with your families. Take some inspiration from this list and go out and make as many summer memories as you can this year! Have a safe and Happy Summer!

1. Put the kids in their PJs and take them to see a movie at the drive-in. 2. Go watch airplanes take off at the Birmingham - Shuttlesworth Airport. 3. Make a bonfire in the backyard and tell scary stories. 4. Go on a scavenger hunt around your neighborhood. 5. Create a bowling game with 10 plastic bottles and a ball. 6. Collect Rocks and Paint them. 7. Crank the tunes and DANCE! 8. Organize an overnight “camping trip” in your backyard or living room. 9. Feed the ducks at your local pond. 10. Play a good ‘ole game of tag. 11. Put sofa cushions and pillows on the floor and hop from cushion to cushion - pretend to be frogs on lily pads. 12. Make a Lemonade Stand 13. Use Sidewalk Chalk on the driveway or walkway 14. Create a Pool Noodle Race Track 15. Take your kids on a night walk around the neighborhood with flashlights. 16. Make some awesome paper plate hats and take loads of fun pictures. 17. Buy vintage clothes from a thrift shop and play dress up 18. Play catch with water balloons in the backyard. 19. Play the Bucket Game with some sandpails, boxes, or pots and pans and

rocks 20. Pop in an Exercise Video and work-out with the kiddos.

21. Declare a rainy day “BORED DAY” and play as many board games as you have time for! Some good

ones are: Candyland, Hungry Hungry Hippos, Clue, Guess Who, Chutes and Ladders, Operation, etc. 22. Make a Living Room Race Track with painter’s tape. 23. Homemade Angry Birds with balloons and cardboard boxes. 24. Make Play dough creations with cookie cutters 25. Catch fire flies at night. 26. Teach your kids about the needy in the area by volunteering (at a homeless shelter, Habitat for Humanity, or soup kitchen)

27. Paper Plate Hop (Don’t touch the floor!) 28. Make Edible Necklaces with cereal, cheese crackers, candy, ect.. 29. Go visit a Library or Bookstore for a public storytime. 30. Make a fort with pillows and covers draped across furniture. 31. Paint outdoors or in the bathtub with shaving cream 32. Make sock puppets with old socks 33. Make an Edible Dirt & Worm Snack (with oreos, gummy worms, and chocolate pudding) 34. Make a Homemade Music Video 35. Make a collage out of different color construction paper 36. Have a “Park Tour” – visit a different local park each day for a week. 37. Plant a vegetable garden 38. Help out an elderly or disabled neighbor with yard work. 39. Read a chapter book aloud as a family. 40. Compete in a camera scavenger hunt: find something fuzzy, something brown, something silly, etc. 41. Make homemade ice cream in a Ziploc bag…yummy! 42. Find a place to go stargaze away from city lights. Use an app that will help you identify constellations 43. Make paper airplanes and have flying contests 44. Find a pen pal 45. Make a Scrapbook 46. Draw a map of your house and make a treasure hunt. 47. Make music instruments out of recyclables and have a band 48. Build a Bird Feeder 49. Go to a Berry Farm to Pick Berries 50. Play Broom Hockey in the Driveway 51. DYI Spa Day 52. Have a Fashion Show 53. Write a play and put on a show 54. Draw outlines of each other on your driveway with sidewalk chalk. 55. Make a family newsletter. 56. Make figures and shapes with pipe cleaners 57. Play a card game: Old Maid, Go Fish, Uno 58. Slide down a steep grassy hill on a cardboard box. 59. Wash your vehicles by hand 60. Make a collage with pictures from catalogs, newspapers, or magazines 61. Lay on the grass and talk about what the clouds look like to you 62. Christmas in July! Watch the Muppets Christmas Carol, listen to Christmas music and drink hot chocolate. 63. Learn to make balloon animals together. 64. Tie-dye a shirt for each family member. (Watch your local craft store for $2-$3 t-shirts.) 65. Run through the sprinklers. 66. Rent a projector or bring your tv to your backyard for a movie night 67. Have a family karaoke competition. 68. Use bubble solution and find random objects to use as bubble wands. 69. Visit the Birmingham Art Museum 70. Visit Botanical Gardens 71. Take a road trip to visit the State Capitol Building in Montgomery 72. Have a breakfast picnic before it gets too hot outside 73. Put on a talent show 74. Make an ice cream sundae bar 75. PILLOW FIGHT! 76. Shadow Puppets- close all the curtains and use flashlights to make puppets 77. Have a fun tea party with fake (or real) tea in fancy (or fake) cups. 78. Visit a fire department. 79. Check with a local pizza restaurant to see if you can come in for a tour (they will probably want you to buy a pizza - so it may not be “free” - but fun!) 80. Have a backyard water gun battle. 81. Sponge Ball Tag (with buckets of water and ordinary kitchen sponges in the backyard). 82. Make a Giant Outdoor Kerplunk Game From Tomato Cages 83. Have a water balloon fight 84. Set Up an outdoor or indoor Obstacle Course 85. Potato Sack Race 86. Lay down sheets of bubble wrap and have the kids get popping. 87. Glue small magnets to foam letters and another magnet to a toy fishing pole. See if you can fish your name out of a tub or kiddie pool 88. Decorate Bikes for a bike ride or your own parade 89. Have a bike carwash for the kids in the neighborhood 90. Have a campout in the backyard and sleep outside in a tent 91. Paint the sidewalk with paintbrushes and water on a super-hot day and see how long it takes the sun to make your art disappear 92. Spray paint the game “Twister” on your lawn 93. Find a patch of dirt in your yard and make a “Mud City” with matchbox cars 94. Tour a factory. (Bud’s Best Cookie Factory, Coca-Cola Factory, ect….) 95. Make Homemade Pizzas 96. Make a homemade volcano with a bottle, vinegar, and baking soda. You can even add food coloring! 97. Have a watermelon seed spitting contest. 98. Fill a dry kiddie pool with dried beans (or rice) a variety of small items items (a lego, cotton ball, googly eyes, ect…)for a giant sensory tub activity. Have your children search for the small items in the beans. 99. Using several poster boards or a roll of paper, make a giant comic strip. 100. Build a giant robot from cardboard boxes

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